Badminton Racket Set


  • Contains 2 lightweight racket
  • One inflatable ball including foam ball
  • Compact and long-lasting
  • Easy to pack and carry


If your kids like indoor activities then Outside Inside Badminton Racket Game Set is the perfect gaming item for them. This game set comprises 7 items that include rackets, foam balls, inflatable balls, birdy, and a pump. Now, your kids can enjoy badminton as well as other games with a ball. What else parents want regarding kids playing items is durability and this freestyle racket game set is the same. The compact and damage-resisting feature makes it long-lasting. Playing badminton regularly at the campsite not only allows kids to grow physically but also socially. Playing with other competent makes a child adaptive for win or loss.

So, keep your kids away from long hours of screen time and attract them towards some healthy physical activities. To engage your little ones in productive indoor gaming Outside Inside Freestyle Racket Game Set might be helpful. If you are looking for toys that make your kids happy then land on the GBacha kids toys online store to choose the best.

GBacha offers playing toys such as Dolls, musical toys for girls, mini-kitchen sets, slime and sand toys, etc. Also, GBacha stocks a huge range of educational toys that not help to improve kids’ cognitive skills but also make their leisure time joyful.


Product Badminton Racket Game Set
Material Plastic
Items 7
Age 3+


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