Mini kitchen set price in Pakistan


  • Durable plastic material
  • Attractive pink design
  • Consists of a stove, cabin, oven, and fridge
  • Perfect set for 3+ girls


Undoubtedly, the Mini kitchen set price in Pakistan is at the best lowest in Pakistan. This beautifully designed pink mini-Kitchen set comprises all essential items that are required to run a kitchen regularly. The plastic-made set features cabins, pots, stove, cutlery, fridge, and oven as well. Now, baby girls can become real chefs in the kitchen by using their recipes. Moreover, using this cookware, little girls can learn basic cooking skills and memories of key food items.

Mini kitchen set not only allows girls to enjoy cooking with their parents in the kitchen but also helps them to develop a strong association with them. Besides, it also develops the habit of cleanliness among little girls when they maintain their mini kitchen every day. So, bring your baby girls this attractive kitchen set to let them enjoy cooking for and with friends. Thus, navigate to GBacha, the main online spot for the kids’ play toys because the kitchen set price in Pakistan is only reasonable here.

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Product Mini Kitchen Set
Material Plastic
Age 3+


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