Barbie Defa Lucy Set


  • Elegantly crafted features
  • White, pink, and blue clothing
  • Comb and hair-accessories


The well-dressed and gorgeous Barbie Defa Lucy Set price is at the lowest in Pakistan. This charming black hair beautiful doll doesn’t come alone. This set holds what the doll has to possess. There is a variety of colorful dress that helps little girls to style their Defa lucy doll.

Whether your baby girl likes green, pink, blue, or white all sets of beautiful gowns are available in the box. Moreover, this beautiful and attractive plastic doll comes with hair accessories and a comb to help little girls to style their dolls accordingly. Besides, the Defa lucy doll also brings a mirror that is an essential addition to the doll’s closest. In short, the entire set of Defa lucy dolls consists of all items that a doll and baby girls demand. So, buy the set, because the Barbie Defa Lucy Set price is highly reasonable to grab now.

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Product Defa Lucy doll
Material Plastic
Age 3+


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