Little Tikes Fishing Pole


  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • Rotary pond with four rods
  • Bright colored 16 big fish and 10 small fish
  • Quality music system



Product Kids’ toy fishing rod
Material Plastic
No. Of fish 26 (16 large +10 small)

More Detail:

The vivid, numbered fish are not difficult to snare onto the casting rods. Then, at that point, children can truly pull in the fish with the implicit reel. Reward: transform recess into a tomfoolery learning game by utilizing the bright fish to play a matching game. This is lightweight and simple to convey. BUY NOW if you are interested in this product.

little tikes fishing pole is a healthy playing kit that helps kids to learn coordination skills along with visual skills. This little tikes fishing pole comes with four rods so four young individuals can enjoy the game. Moreover, it consists of 26 bright-colored fishes. There are 16 big fish and 10 smaller ones. Furthermore, the rotary pond has certain sites where fishes fit in.

When kids start playing the quality music system excited them a lot. The background music while fishing out the fish from the pond keeps them motivated to win the next round. Additionally, Kid’s toy allows little ones to learn coordination when the ponds rotate and they manage to pick fish out. So, turn on the music and let your kids participate in healthy fishing out the activity.

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