Cash Counter Machine Toy


  • Durable plastic composition
  • Telephonic and cash drawer
  • Battery operated
  • Suitable for 3+ age



Products Cash register toy
Model LS820A14
Material Plastic
Color Pink

More Detail:

Showing kids how to oversee and deal with cash at an early age can make them more coordinated. Also, one of the most mind-blowing ways of showing them cash the executive’s abilities is by giving them the best toy sales registers for youngsters. These can cause them to feel like they are being given a major liability. BUY NOW if you are interested in this product.

Buy your kid’s Cash counter machine toy now because it is available at the best price in Pakistan. This is not only a money register plastic toy but also helps little girls and boys to learn counting at an early age. As girls are perfect mother partners so this cash register toy helps them to count the everyday expenses and savings on the shelves.

Besides, this attractive toy comes with a telephone that allows kids to pretend to be a cashier at a supermarket. They call and receive orders and save/withdraw money. Undoubtedly, it is a unique toy as well as a health learning tool. It comes in eco-friendly plastic that keeps parents worry-free from the chance of any injury. If you want your young ones to practice financial management then buy it right now.

Because quality cash counter machine toy price in Pakistan is at the lowest. Browse the Gbacha online shop and add it to the cart. Also, explore the archives of kids to choose the best of the bests for young ones on everytime. Attractive design at a low cost! To experience reliable online shopping always land on Gbacha.


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