Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Bulk


  • Non-toxic
  • Easily removable colors
  • Easily operatable suction pump
  • Set of 24 pens


To let your Kids, experience actual artistic creativity, GBacha keeps Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Bulk price in Pakistan at the lowest. The set of different colors 24 pens set is equipped with a suction pump that works efficiently. Moreover, spray pens inks are non-toxic and easy to remove. Now, your kids can portray fabulous images with help of hand Spray pens. Young artists have to fix the suction pump over the pen and start displaying their talent on the chart. Undoubtedly, these mini-spray helps to create decent and wonderful paintings.

Additionally, the suction Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Bulk can be conveniently used to clean the small interfaces.  If you want to keep your kids engaged in healthy and productive activities then 24 pens set along with drawing stencils might be a perfect choice. For artistic kids, it is highly recommended to improve their work. In a nutshell, hand Spray pens allow kids to enjoy their work as well as learn color differences and combinations results.

So, bring your kids this lovely set now because the Hand Spray Pens price in Pakistan is reasonable to make your kids happy. Browse to GBacha, the online seller of kids playing toys, educational toys, and musical toys. Connect with parents’ only choice, GBacha to enjoy wholesale toys online in Pakistan.


Product Spray Pen
Brand ZYCC
Model FF
Origin CN
Material Plastic
Colors set 24
Drawing Stencils Yes




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