Intex Play Center Pools


  • Landing mat at the bottom of the slide for extra padding
  • Drain plug in the pool floor
  • 493L (130gal.) Water holding capacity
  • Inflatable strawberry and fun ball game


Intex Play Center Pools are what your kids need to beat the burning summer heat. This large water-holding capacity fruit-themed swimming pool keeps your kids away from heat. Besides, it features a water slide, inflatable pineapple, orange, strawberry, and 6 balls that fit in the wall. Just fill the swimming pool with cold water for kids and let them enjoy swimming freely.

Along with it, the sprayers make the swimming experience more wonderful. The soft slide and landing pad make the kids’ experience more mesmerizing. In most cases, the swimming pools have poor drainage systems but INTEX Fun Intex Play Center Pools are superior in proper drainage. Now, construct a swimming pool for your kids at home. Let your kids play and swim with siblings and friends here. This swimming pool is not only letting kids kick out heat but also keeps them physically active. So, bring your kids this fruity-themed swimming pool to have fun and growth, simultaneously.

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Material 12ga(0.30mm) vinyl
Water capacity 493L (130gal.)
Size 8ft x 6.2ft x 2.9ft
Age 2+


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