Barbie Doll Marriage Set


  • Eco-friendly plastic doll
  • Three colored wedding dress and veil
  • Shoes and hairs accessories


There is a set of Barbie Doll Marriage Set Wedding Dress that has the gorgeous design of attires. This package is not merely a pack of dresses but also has a beautiful Defa lucy doll. Whether your baby girl likes pink, white or purple, the Defa lucy doll set had all three.

Not only beautiful frilled frocks but also set features veil along with it. Moreover, the fine hair accessories for the Defa lucy doll’s blonde hair are also part of the set. Besides, matching the shoes of the doll doubles the joy of little girls. Additionally, Barbie Doll Marriage Set Wedding Dress is made of fine fabric that brings neatness to the clothes. Also, the Defa lucy doll is made of eco-friendly durable plastic that resists wear and tear in kids’ hands.  If you are looking for someone gift to present to a baby girl then land on the GBacha site.

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Product Doll Elegant Wedding Dress
Color Pink, White& Purple
Material Plastic
Age 3+


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