Building Block Price in Pakistan


  • 3D Building blocks toys 138 PCS for playing
  • Made of ABS material
  • Enhance creativity


There is an amazing Building Block Price in Pakistan and a learning set available at a highly reasonable price in Pakistan. It consists of 138 pieces that allow kids to create their items. Moreover, these building blocks are of different sizes and designs that perfectly fit together to create a new product. These colorful building blocks are made of quality ABS which makes these pieces durable. Besides, blocks are easily fit able and washable.

Now, your kids can create a car, building, tracks, and walls. 138 pieces are enough to create huge items of a variety of colors. So, if you want to engage your kids in a healthy game that makes them mentally strong then this set is an amazing product. GBacha brings Building Block Price in Pakistan at the best lowest price in Pakistan. These building blocks not only allow kids to just play by making and breaking but also enhance their thinking and creativity.

If you want to let your kids enjoy playing and learning simultaneously then GBacha brings playing and educational toys for you. It stocks a wide range of indoor, outdoor, battery-operated, and non-battery-operated toys at a low cost. So, experience online shopping with GBacha and enjoy safe and fast items delivery countrywide.


Product Building Block Price in Pakistan
Material ABS
Age 3+


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