Barbie Doll Set Low Price


  • Extra -large
  • Appropriate plastic design
  • Multiple clothes design
  • Features music and sound system


Possessing an Barbie Doll Set Low Price has always been a little girls’ dream since day first. Therefore, we bring a beautifully plastic crafted Doll along with all accessories and tools that enhance its beauty of it. Besides, this beautiful extra-large doll features a quality sound system. So, your little girl can enjoy good poems while playing with them.

Moreover, girls can bring the change in styling of beautiful extra-large dolls because the Beautiful Doll set has all that dolls need. There are various colored and designed elegant clothes that you can put on the doll. Furthermore, the Beautiful Doll set is filled with stylish shoes, handbags, and hair accessories that help young girls to change their overall styling of it. In a nutshell, this is an entire closet that includes all essentials of the beautiful doll.

If your little girl is fond of dolls then buy her Extra- large Beautiful Doll Set now. It is made of quality plastic that averses the risk of any injury. For premium kids, toys connect with Gbacha online. It offers quality and low-cost products in Pakistan. Thus, browse the Gbacha and land on the kids’ cart to choose amazing toys for kids. Undoubtedly, we promise the safest and fastest item delivery on your doorstep nationwide.


Products Barbie Doll Set Low Price
Brand Beautiful
Material Plastic
Sound system Available
Age 3+


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