Lego Super Speedster Car


  • 23 stylish car design with red plastic blocks
  • 278 blocks pieces
  • Name of innovation and creativity


lego super speedster car gives kids the to construct their ideal car by just flipping the plastic blocks. Undoubtedly, kids want to make and break toys to learn the real Mechanism of toys. Therefore, Architect Speedster gives young ones the opportunity to architect their ideal car model by just shifting and adjusting the position of blocks. This pack of 278 durable plastic blocks allows kids to innovate 23 different car designs.

Isn’t it worth playing? These economically friendly blocks help kids to apply their skills to architect new cars by maintaining the position of the block in a short time. If you also want to keep your kids engaged in healthy creative activities then buy them Architect Speedster right now. Let your 6 + yrs. kids become Mechanic or engineers in their own garden workshop.

lego super speedster car not only allows kids to have fun but also enhances their mental and learning skills by using physical effort as well. In a nutshell, this block set is perfect for playing an architectural game.

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Product Architect super Speedster
Color Red
Material Plastic
Quality 278
Design expected 23


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