Plastic Squirrel Toy


  • Powerful battery operated
  • Produces sounds
  • Durable design
  • Not for under three



Product Plastic Squirrel Toy
Material Plastic
Battery operated Yes
Age 3+

More Detail:

After pressing the power button fun will rush forward on special wheels located under the abdomen. During the game, rhythmic, groovy sounds, the back glows and the legs of the little squirrel move from side to side which creates the impression that the conic goes from them itself and not rolls. Gbacha online store has the best plastic squirrel toy for kids. Contact us for more details.

GBacha brings a Happy squirrel Plastic Squirrel Toy in attractive colors at an excellent price in Pakistan. This battery-operated plastic squirrel is an embodiment of style and durability. Moreover, it features an outstanding sound system. Besides, what makes it smart is the sensors that allow it to react Diligently to sounds, touch as well as slight movements. Isn’t an actual squirrel.

Furthermore, its powerful AA battery lets your kids enjoy active play with this squirrel for unlimited time. Other than that, it is made of damage-resistant plastic that makes it long-lasting for kids. Additionally, it hasn’t had any piercing ends that cause any injury to young ones. Now, your kids can easily carry this toy in their little backpack whenever they aim to accompany you for a picnic.

So, get a Happy squirrel smart sensor baby toy online from the GBacha kids playing toys online store at the best lowest prices in Pakistan. It brings all types of mini metal cars, kinetic, and slime toys at low prices that are of high premium quality. Thus, connect with GBacha to let your kids enjoy their childhood to their fullest.


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