3 wheel Swivel Scooter


  • Steel and ABS composition
  • Polyurethane Wheel material
  • Foldable and Portable design
  • 4-way height-adjustable handlebar



Color Blue
Material Steel and ABS
Height suitability 75-140 cm
Weight suitability 60 Kg
Age 3-12


More Detail:

3 wheel Swivel Scooter Y Fliker is perfectly designed with high-quality steel and ABS plastic. Along with its, weight-bearing polyurethane wheels, this wiggle scooter becomes solid and durable for kids’ use. Moreover, 3 Wheels kick Scooter gives an amazing steering control to kids that make the riding experience more enjoyable. Also, the solid handle grip, sensitive brakes, feet adjustment, and control over the ride make it the safest for kids.

This foldable 3-wheel tilt and turn Scooter is not only a fun and playing tool for kids of 3-12 years of kids but also maintains and improves their physical fitness.  A healthy physical tool makes kids’ coordination stronger. Now, ride along with kids in the neighborhood and have heave fun along with exercise. So, buy your kids blue portable 3 wheel Swivel Scooter Y Fliker online from the Gbacha.

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The best bike for kids is one that offers a more regular method of riding. Our turn-turning framework is straightforward, in any event, for novice bike riders: Just shelter turn. Also, kids love the brilliant, eye-getting light-up wheels. our 3-wheel bike develops with your kid with a level flexible stem. Time is running out BUY NOW.


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