Little Chef Kitchen Play Set


  • Multicolored design
  • Set of fruit and vegetables
  • Includes billing machine



Product Toy Chef Home Supermarket Deluxe
Material Plastic
Set items 32
Age 3+

More Detail:

Kiddo Little Chef Kitchen play set is perfect for the little culinary specialists of families. Includes an assortment of baby kitchen playset embellishments imagine food, utensil set, silverware, dinnerware, squeeze bottles toy kitchen frill with stickers, partake in an assortment of play, to give unending assume part pleasure to youngsters. Play kitchen for youngsters ages 4-8. our children’s play kitchen sets for babies incorporate a comfortable trolly Designed for simple cleanups and fun on the go, Easy to gather and ship with putting away capacity, telescopic handle, and spinner wheels. Time is running out BUY NOW

Little Chef Kitchen Play Set is the perfect whole set to learn about the basics of the home. This plastic-made colorful set consists of fruits, vegetables, popcorn, ice cream, and sauces. Moreover, it also includes the counter billing machine to give the essence of the supermarket. Now, kids can play the role of the seller to deal with the customer with siblings or friends.

It helps kids to get a real knowledge of home and kitchen items. Furthermore, the colored and attractive 32 pieces of plastic Little Chef kitchen play Set not allow kids to deviate from the game. Additionally, this is not only a playing set but it also improves kids’ communication skills in dealings. So, buy your kids a Home Supermarket Deluxe Set to keep them involved in healthy activities.

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