Mighty Megasaur battery operated walking dinosaur


  • 3AA battery operated
  • ABS and electronics manufacturing
  • Sound and light system


Mighty Mega Saur battery operated walking dinosaur


Product Mighty megasaur battery operated walking dinosaur
Material ABS +electronic
Battery 3AA
Age 3+

More Detail:

Envision the power and could of the tragically missing Mighty Megasaur, the most dreaded hunter, everything being equal, in your grasp! The mythical beast I present to you the primary completely working battery worked! You can resurrect this powerful monster with practical activity! BUY NOW if you are interested in this product.

Now your kids can create their own Jurassic history story with Mighty megasaur battery-operated walking dinosaur. GBacha brings this unique and high-quality roaring and lightning-walking dinosaur. This is made of real ABS which makes it damage resistant. It becomes a real source of joy as it moves. Besides, quality lighting and sound systems make it highly entertaining for kids.

Moreover, the features of this toy are many rhyming poems. Also, there is the alphabet that helps kids to learn with play. Now, young ones can enjoy playing for an unlimited time due to strong 3AA batteries. It is not only a soft-necked playing toy but it also improves kids learning. Additionally, kids learn to control and operate these electronic gadgets at an early age. If you want to present your history and creativity-loving kids then GBacha recommends this product. You can get it online at the best price from the GBacha kids playing toys online store.

Undoubtedly, it offers a wide array of musical toys, baby driving cars, girls toys, and kitchen sets. Besides, it stocks educational toys, slime, and sand toys at the best rates. Thus, connect with GBacha and make your young ones’ childhood memorable.


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