Huangguan Soccer Game


  • 360 degrees rotate able handles
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 players
  • Durable fiber and steel design




Product  Table Soccer Game
Material Plastic and fabric
No. of players 12
Age 3+
Size 51x31x10.5 cm

More Detail:

GBacha Huangguan  Table Soccer Game is the perfect product for you for all the football fanatics out there! A soccer game is a high-quality, easy-to-use, and fun way for your family to play soccer together. It comes with everything you need to play including an awesome ball that will keep your kids playing long after the game is over. Your kids will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re learning how to play soccer along the way.

GBacha Huangguan  Table Soccer Game has been designed with safety in mind, so it’s suitable for both children and adults alike. If you want something that’s easy to set up and take down, but still keeps everyone involved in the action, this is the perfect product for you. Huangguan soccer game table takes your kids into a new world of football by letting them experience the battle of the playground.

This soccer game table comprises to football ground with 12 players adjusted on four rods. Due to 360 degrees rotate able rods, kids can move their players easily. The key advantage of the Huangguan soccer game Table is, it allows kids to play with other kids that develop their social interaction. Additionally, aiming for the goal while playing helps kids to bring focus on the point.

Whether they are just starting out or are looking to hone their skills, this Game is
a great way to keep them engaged and entertained. So don’t wait any longer, order your Children’s
Game today!




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