Frozen 2 Bowling Set


  • Plastic colorful bottles and balls
  • Good Plastic Quality
  • Best for indoor and outdoor play


Frozen 2 Bowling Set is the perfect kit for Kids’ physical growth. These beautiful colored sets consist of nicely crafted bottles and balls. This toy set is part of the frozen deluxe series. Moreover, Colored bottles are easy to adjust and play indoor as well as outdoor.  For playing just adjust the bottles and start playing with the ball. Frozen 2 Bowling Set allows little girls and boys to improve their physical health.

Moreover, the use of quality and durable plastic material allows Kids to carry bowling pins and balls conveniently while adjusting and playing. If you are wanting to keep away your 3-year-old kids away from the mobile games then keep them involved in bowling. To let Kids, play a healthy game with friends and siblings bowling set might be your primary design. Thus, bring your little ones a colored plastic bowling set that is the source of joy and growth as well.

So, buy this lightweight and nicely crafted blowing set from GBacha Kids online store. Undoubtedly, it brings real happiness to kids in the form of quality baby girls’ and boys’ toys. It offers a sale on educational, outdoor, and musical toys regularly. GBacha aims to equip your sporty Kids with stunt car toys that match the real model wholly. Connect with us and make little ones’ childhood joyful and memorable.


Product Frozen deluxe bowling set
Material Plastic
Age 3+


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