Speed Wheels Toy Cars


  • Durable plastic composition
  • Fine design and structure


Speed Wheels Toy Cars


Product Top Speed Car
Material Plastic
Color Red, Blue
Age 3+

More Detail:

The vehicle body is reasonable for various events, for example, birthday events and festivals. This vehicle will be an ideal present for your kids to play with, and it will be an astonishing treat for the entirety of their fans! The principal capability of the vehicle body is to make your own cool and alluring, and the speed racer has the qualities of enormous power. Contact us for more details.

To give your kids genuine car experience GBacha brings speed wheels to toy cars at a highly reasonable price in Pakistan. This yellow top speed car is made of durable plastic that makes it able to averse the damage. Now, toddlers can run this speedy car left and right without any fear of quick breakage. Moreover, its sturdy plastic wheels make this car’s speed high.

Kids above three years can easily run these speed wheels toy cars. Due to its refined design, it is genuinely a replica of speed cars. So, while playing with this famous speed car kids experience the same joy as the real one. Like this speed car, GBacha also brings a huge deal of baby car driving toys, battery and non-battery-operated toys, and cars. Create a Genuine Model Worthy of your Trust. Let you Experience the full Rang Manducate Fun.

Besides, GBacha, the real source of kids’ happiness, offers a variety of baby toys in Pakistan at affordable prices. Moreover, there is a stock of stunt car toys, slime, and sand kinetic toys. Undoubtedly, GBacha promises to make your young ones’ childhood more memorable with stylish, safe, and quality toys.


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