Butterfly Wings Costume for Girls

  • Comes with a hairband and fairy stick
  • Quality fabric
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


Butterfly Wings Costume for Girls

Undoubtedly, a little girl always wants to become a fairy therefore here is a butterfly wings costume for girls. This beautifully designed fluffy dress turns a girl into a fictional queen! Moreover, this fairy costume doesn’t come alone. Besides, the costume is also coupled with a hairband and a stick.

Now, your girl can enjoy the wearing of a fairy butterfly costume along with a matching hairband and stick. If you are looking for a pretty costume or toy for a baby girl then buy a butterfly wings costume for girls.

It is available in funky colors that adore your little girl. Whether a little girl likes pink, purple, or green you can get it easily at a low cost. Beautiful dress not only doubles the joy of little girls but also, their feel-good by thinking of themselves as real princesses and fairies.

So, bring happiness and joy to your little girl by presenting her with a beautiful gift. It makes her happy. Thus, buy her this beautiful costume and save beautiful memories by clicking clear images. Get these costumes online from the GBacha store.

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Product Butterfly wings costume for girl
Package Costume, hairband, and a stick
Material quality High
Age 3+


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