BMW Toy Bike Price


  • 12 W Battery operated
  • High-speed
  • Easily left-right back-forth movement
  • Extreme durability


BMW Toy Bike Price


Product HP2 Bike for Kids
Material New PPC Plastic
Color Blue and Red
Front lights Yes
Gear Reverse & Front with button
Battery 12W/7

More Detail:

BMW Toy Bike Price is The children ride on a bike that is furnished with three top-notch PE wheels, keeping the cruiser from falling in any situation. This 3-wheel planned cruiser is smooth and easy to ride for your baby or small kid. Charge the battery as indicated by the included guidance manual, then basically snatch the handlebars and step on the foot pedal, and this weighty Bike ride-on bicycle makes it simple that your child can use without grown-up management. Contact us for more details.

GBacha brings BMW Toy Bike Price to enhance their level of excitement rock high. If you are looking for a safe motorbike that suits your adventurous kids then it is the perfect bike. This battery-operated motorbike is made of new PPC plastic that makes it highly durable.

It resists damage as it falls many times! Now, your kids can experience real riding at home or neighborhood.

This motorbike moves smoothly left-right, back and forth. Kids can easily control the gear. Moreover, HP2 Bike has sidelights as well as headlamps that make it more real at night. Besides, due to its high level of flexibility regarding speed and movement kids enjoy the ride and learn to control.

Undoubtedly, for adventurous and fun-loving sporty kids this motorbike is the ideal one. You can present the BMW Toy Bike Price of their favorite blue or red color.

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