Black Hornet Drone Price


  • 2.4GHz technology
  • 3D cast flying
  • 360 degrees accelerating flip
  • Wind resistant


Black Hornet Drone DHX5A is more than a toy for Kids. If you also want to keep your kids engaged in healthy activity then this light-featured Black Hornet Drone might be the perfect tool for the kids. Now, with help of this Black Hornet drone, your tech lover kids can experience the use of modern technology. Due to its 360 degrees accelerating flip it can spin midair as well as in longitudinal axis with easy remote control.

Moreover, the use of 2.4 GHz technology, avoids the interference of any external factors that affect its movement. Besides, Black Hornet Drone DHX5A resists the effects of wind so it can effectively move in any weather conditions. So, not only Kids but also adults can fly this black drone at a certain height to experience the smoothness. Its ascending, descending, left and right movements in the air make it a real premium drone.

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  • The drone comes in a shiny black color
  • It can fly by ascending, descending, moving forward, and moving backward
  • The toy is also capable of taking sharp left and right turns
  • 2.4GHz technology is adopted for anti-interference
  • The drone has enhanced performance against the wind, making it wind resistant
  • This gadget is suitable for kids and young adults of all ages


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